Dr. Johanna Budwig 1908 - 2003

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For several years I was a close associate of this Grand Dame of science and we drank some glasses champagne together and discussed countless hours about nutrition, oncology, church and many medical things in general. I had the good fortune for several years to speak with Dr. Johanna Budwig, and to learn from her, first-hand and will be eternally grateful for this.

Lothar Hirneise


Worldwide, there are only 2 students by Dr. Johanna Budwig. Her nephew
Armin Grunewald and Lothar Hirneise.

Armin Grunewald doesn’t represents the original oil protein diet of his aunt, but a "modified form" which has nothing to do with the original nutritional therapy of his aunt. He is also of the opinion that "... a healing effect of oil protein diet on cancer has not been established".

The other side is Lothar Hirneise. For many years, he has been representing the ORIGINAL Oil-Protein Diet as he learned it from Dr. Johanna Budwig for several years. In the world's only ORIGINAL Budwig centre (www.3e-centre.com), he has proved how successful Dr. Budwigs nutrition therapy can be for cancer patients.

Learn here how we can help you to learn the original oil protein diet.
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Simple oil protein diet?

To mix cottage cheese, linseed oil, and possibly some more milk, to eat a vegetarian diet, and you have a nutritional therapy called oil protein diet. Similarly many just imagine the therapy of Dr. Budwig.

Without any doubt, it is relatively easy to learn the oil protein diet as opposed to an Ayurvedic or Macrobiotic Diet. But simplicity also has risks involved. "very little things", which are very important, are often omitted or changed. The result then is that more effort is placed at the end, but with significantly less or even no effectiveness.

It is not necessary for users to know everything about electron clouds, hydrogen bonds, and cytochrome oxidases, but you need to know when and why to do what. And right here we can help you at IOPDF!
Training as an Oil Protein Diet Consultant!

Hirneise Lothar is the only teacher who has given oil lectures about the oil protein diet for almost 20 years in many countries, and he has been educating people in the oil protein consultants worldwide. Also directly learn from him, get to advise other people and help to redistribute this ingenious nutritional therapy.
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