What are the goals of the IOPDF?
Only the preservation and the promotion of ORIGINAL oil protein diet after Dr. Johanne Budwig. We enlighten people about what has said Mrs. Dr. Budwig and written to preserve the original oil-protein diet.
Who directs the IOPDF?
Malgorzata Bielak from Tychy in Poland and Lothar Hirneise.
Is there a successor to Mrs. Dr. Budwig?
Worldwide, there are only 2 students of Dr. Johanna Budwig. Her nephew Armin Grunewald and Lothar Hirneise.

1. Armin Grunewald doesn’t represents the original oil protein diet of his aunt, but a "modified" form. So he writes on his website:

"Of course you can eat even three to four times a week if you like it".

* "Please be careful on the consumption of spreadable fats like margarine,...".

* "You may like to eat eggs."

* "You take roasting meats also like our Oleolux"

And in his book he writes for example:

"... a healing effect of oil protein diet on cancer hasn’t been proven - so I cant join you on this specific point 100 percent."

This is a completely different view about the oil protein diet as it was represented by Dr. Budwig and we completely reject these views as IOPDF.

2. Lothar Hirneise represents the ORIGINAL oil protein diet and in principle rejects "Modifications".
There are more students of Mrs. Dr. Budwig?
There are many "experts" who claim to have learned the oil protein diet of Mrs Dr. Budwig. But if you look closely, Dr. Budwig have never personally seen or had only for a few hours, spoken with them. For example there's a Budwig Center in Spain in Malaga. In 2015 they contacted us to ask what Quark they will actually use. One has to wonder if this alleged Budwig Centre doesn’t know even the basis of oil protein diet, what error do they still make?

There are also books and DVD BB´s, such as by a Mrs Ursula Escher, who has learned the oil diet from cooking (English) books and off course you wont surprised if such books or DVD are full of errors. The problem, unfortunately, is that many people often learn the wrong oil protein learn diet. This works for a while and then stops or not at all even and the result is that many people lose precious time (therapy) and become disappointed, turn away from the oil protein diet, because they believe this would not work.
How does the IOPDF differs from the Dr. Budwig’s Foundation in Germany?
Dr. Budwig's legal heirs were her two nephews, Armin and Arno Grunewald. Armin Grunewald is today the Scientific Advisory Board of the German Foundation. This however represents a significantly different oil-protein diet as to his aunt’s, Dr. Budwig. He literally writes in his book: "... a healing effect of oil protein diet on cancer has not been established."
Now almost 100% of all patients of Dr. Budwig were cancer patients and cancer is the disease in which Dr. Budwig has demonstrated how she could help with her oil-protein diet. There are many other points where the IOPDF differ from the views of Dr. Budwig Foundation. For example: they present "new recipes” that Mrs. Dr. Budwig would have never allowed their patients or have a different view, such as the eating of meat or margarine. These options have nothing to do with the original oil protein diet of Mrs. Dr. Budwig and we find them extremely harmful to the oil protein diet and also damaging to cancer patients who want to make the original oil protein diet. Therefore, the IOPDF distances itself from the statements of the German Dr. Johanna Budwig Foundation.
How complicated is the oil diet?
The big advantage of the oil protein diet compared with other also successful nutrition therapies such as The Gerson therapy is the simple recognition and means no large change for many people. On the one hand, this is a great advantage, but also a disadvantage on the other hand. By the geniality of Mrs. Dr. Budwig, a simple but effective nutritional therapy created, tempted many people to customize or adapt the oil protein diet “here and there”, because they are thinking that it is so easy. But unfortunately these people understand nothing about hydrogen bonds and electron clouds and hence destroy their effectiveness. Therefore, it is important that you keep exactly to the instructions of Mrs. Dr. Budwig.
Must you make the oil protein exactly?
A practical example: We have often seen that many believe the oil diet would almost exclusively consist of a mixture of Quark and flaxseed oil. Mostly, only these two components are mixed and logically, this combination is not really good. This is like you driving a race car with 500kg additional ballast and diesel fuel. Of course the car goes well, but it's no longer a racing car, but only a Chevrolet Spark. But cancer patients need each electron to stimulate the cell respiration of cancer cells again. For this reason, it is extremely important to know how to properly mix the components and what you need.