Are you interested in the ORIGINAL Oil-Protein Diet? Do you practice it more or less in your everyday life? Do you have a question about the Oil-Protein Diet and need a competent response? Do you need to share with other people who also know the benefits of Oil-Protein Diet? Then, a membership of our Foundation is right option for you. Below we describe all the advantages.

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Our secret group at

Discuss with many other Oil-Protein Diet friends from all over the world and also discuss every day with Lothar Hirneise.

Do you buy linseed oil regularly?

We help you to find the best sources for flaxseed oil. We show you which flaxseed oil is good. How you use ELDI oils? Where you can get discounts and how you "survive" the daily challenges in the kitchen and how you save money!

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Communicate directly with Lothar Hirneise

Without a doubt, Hirneise Lothar is the world's most famous capacity when it comes to the original oil protein diet of Mrs. Dr. Budwig. As an expert member, you can directly write to him and ask him personal questions.

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More benefits of membership at IOPDF

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News about fats, cancer, nutrition therapy and much more

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Unpublished original recipes by Mrs. Dr. Budwig

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News about new (and old) cancer therapies

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The science behind the OPD
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New recipes according to the theories of the OPD

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Theoretical and theories to the OPD


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Videos with Lothar Hirneise

Learn the basis of Oil-Protein Diet detailed and what you must take a look out for in the oil-protein diet. What looks subjectively very easy, is sometimes far more difficult when you take a closer look. According to our experience, over 98% of all instructions on the Internet are wrong. Our videos gives you live experience with Lothar Hirneise and you learn the ORIGINAL Oil-Protein Diet in a pleasantly entertaining way.