The oil-protein therapy (OPT) consists of the original Oil-Protein Diet (OPD), just as it was learned by Lothar Hirneise from Dr. Johanna Budwig, and of other therapies which can be applied together with the OPD, without reducing its effect, such as detoxification and mental therapies. The difference between the well-known 3E-program and the Oil-Protein Diet is that the OPD involves no cytostatic acting or apoptosis inducing drugs. For this reason is the OPD suitable mainly for people who do not have a very large tumor mass or want to go fundamentally a “100% natural way”. From the perspective of Causanetic is this advantageous if the symptom momentum on the physical side did not yet occur, or if enough time can be assumed and the increased cell division of cancer cells, as it happens even by the OPD, doesn´t represent any additional physical challenges for the patient.