Presentation in Stuttgart in September 24, 1998 together with Lothar Hirneise.

Distinguished participants, I would like to start with a word of thanks to Mr. Wiewel, who has come here from the republic of scholars, these are people who realize science in harmony with the laws of nature. I was particularly impressed when all of you who were affected raised their hands. And I would like to assure you that the event this evening as the one held last night in Frankfurt, will comply with all the the rules listed by Mr. Wiewel. We only want to tell you the truth, and I obligate myself to do so.
And even if the basis of modern quantum physics seems baffling at first, I assure you that if you wil listen to me closely for the 10-15 minutes that are available to me, then you will know that the rainbow over cancer research, cancer therapy, and prevention is can be reached, and that it is a reality which all of you can use immediately. There were doctors who said, “I certainly can’t prescribe flax oil if I don’t know how flax oil works. I am of the opinion that no doctor can precisely anlyse how water works, and how it is that seeds grow in soil. To this day there is no doctor who can anlyse the effect of sun and water. However there are facts.
In the desert it is considered to be worse than murder if one who lives in the oasis, does not tell one who is thirsty where to find water. He who lives in the oasis, he who has water and sun available and rejoices in nature is obligated with the responsibility as a human being before God, to share this life giving substance, indeed with all people, so that they are awake and can realize this. It’s right, you do not need to wait until that doctor, (this is certainly not the case with all of them), until that doctor who says. “I cannot prescribe flax oil”, or who says; “I do not understand the rainbow, so I cannot use it, comes to your aid. If you think about it, you will realize that we are all a part of nature. The quantum physicist Werner Heisenberg has already demonstrated, I know him personally very well, that when representatives of old conceptual structures and the rigid old school want to force our new findings into their old conceptual structure, it simply does not work. We must be open. The clear findings of quantum physics, the interplay of electrons with soloar photons is fundamentally important for every life function.
The modest contribution that I have been able to make in this regard was that the highly unsaturated fatty acids, (for which there was were no verifications prior to my work), that these highly unsaturated fatty acids in their natural association are so rich in vital electrons, that they provide an incredible amount of energy in interaction with the sun. I proved this and indeed I proved it in government service in the State Health Office in the highest position responsible for pharmaceuticals and fats, 1952. In 1955 the Federal Ministry of Food wrote me to say that 6 international experts had confirmed my findings, and that the margarine industry had declared that they were prepared to change the way they processed oils.
He said that there would be no need for legislation. You can read in my book: Der Tod des Tumors Bd. II (The Death of the Tumor Vol. II). We are still waiting for this change in the industry, and what Mr. Frank Wiewel says is true, cancer patients are given false information in the press. I have given photocopies articles that appeared in yesterday’s Schwarzwälder - Boten (local newspaper), to the organizers of this event, which announce that the pharmaceutical industry will now manufacture products for functional nutrition. They cannot do this. First it has long been demonstrated scientifically, that the vital photo elements stored in seed oils, recognized as vital in the fatty acids, cannot be produced in any industry to this day. And the same goes for vitamins.
The natural vitamins C, A, B, E are certainly important as vitamins. However they were not capable of regulating the reduced oxygen absorption in the respiratory enzymes. This was demonstrated through my work by adding the inserting the highly unsaturated fatty acids. In the meantime I have built on these findings and have developed my nutrition therapy.
When statements were published in Stockholm that there were other methods, I do not want to name them by name, there was again the difficulty of shelf life in the industry. When statements were published in New York, that said we couldn’t treat cancer patients with lasers, because the burn damage is too extensive, that same year I oils which guided the absorption of the laser. By treating the patient in the lymph vessels and in the fat metabolism the tumors can be eliminated, even from the brain, this has been proven hundreds of times. If now a week ago someone from Heidelberg published that we have a new discovery to publicize, the use of laser beams against brain tumors, by boring just a small hole through the skullcap then the therapy built on this is untrue and dishonest and harmful to the patient.
Just using the nutrition therapy including the oils that are applied externally brings the tumor extensively to elimination because the normal growth processes apply this dynamic force also in the immune system of the human being. Naturally there is a limit, where the vital of function of the human being also fails. Often I am asked the question: “Is everything that we have learned as doctors useless?” – The answer is no! You can use hot water, cold water, homeopathy or psychology; all this is important, but everything is to no avail if a person’s normal respiration is cut off by fats that have incorrectly been made to have a long shelf life, i.e. that hinder oxygen absorption. I do not want to go over my allotted time and advise you to have the courage to act for yourself. I am very grateful to the scientists who have come to us in Germany from the republic of scholars.

I am thankful for the new elite in science associated with truth who visit us here at this event and now encourage you to seek true help independently of those who only want to distribute water spoonful by spoonful, and make a business out of it. Do not lose sight of your right to life. There are enough people who stand up for truth. You who are sick and who are looking for help, avoid all the chaos and wrong that is out there. Go for natural help, it is near, like the dove that had an olive leaf in its beak, as it showed God’s grace to the people in the rainbow. I wish you every success.

The following letter was requested by Frank Wiewel president of People against Cancer in response to an Internet report.

Biological cancer prevention through the growth powers of seed oils

“Successful non-conventional cancer therapies”, this is how Frank Wiewel, president of People Against Cancer from the USA opened a series of presentations which audiences considered credible. The explanations were credible, that the chemotherapy we currently use is neither legitimate, nor scientific, nor has it been proven successful against metastases. The topic I have chosen was: “The rainbow over cancer research - cancer therapy and prevention”.
It was clear that our book, which appeared in German and English: “KREBS - Das Problem und die Lösung (“CANCER – The Problem and the Solution) / Dr. Johanna Budwig: The Documentation”, would be accepted. The other speakers also confirmed the significance of the fat issue for cancer therapy. The number of biological cancer therapies that are being offered is increasing, for example in a journal from Australia. What is widely publicized here is from David Horrobin The clinical uses of fatty acids and flax oil is given in capsules. Numerous patients from the USA come to me disappointed in “biological cancer therapy”.
The core problem: I was successful as published in 1952, together with Professor Kaufmann, the director of the Federal Institute for Fats Research in producing the first verifications for fat and fatty acids using paper chromatography (see: Neue Wege der Fettanalyse, (New Directions in fat analysis)). 1950, in my activity at the State Health Office there were no methods to detect fats. 1952 we published jointly: Zur Biologie der Fette Die Papierchromatographie der Blutlipoide, Geschwulstproblem und Fettforschung.” (On the Biology of Fats: paper chromatography of blood lipoids, ulcer problem and fat research.” I found out that the oxygen deficiency in living tissue is overcome through linoleic acid, ideally in conjunction with linolenic acid. According to Otto Warburg oxygen deficiency is considered to be the cause of cancer in the tumor-bearing tissue.
Thus I had found the 2nd pair in the autoxydable system of the cell, which had been sought for 100 years. Soon there followed our publication on “poly oils”. The toxicity, which we had proven – also in the tumor-bearing tissue – has been confirmed by experts, as well as by the Federal Ministry of Food.
Every biological cancer therapy, which does not offer a clarification in this context, must fail. Flaxseed oil that is only administered in capsules cannot ensure a radical tumor therapy. Edible fats, made to have a long shelf life through industrial processes against oxygen absorption also disturb the autoxydable oxygen absorption in living tissue. Vitamin additives such as vit. A, B, C, D, and E do not provide any help if the respiratory enzymes are blocked by antioxidants. Vitamins follow their own laws for maintaining harmony among vitamins.
The misuse of the information concerning vitamin function as part of biological cancer therapies usually comes from those who exclude the core problem. Today every “biological cancer therapy” must also take the core problem into consideration. Man needs the vital powers, rich in electrons, that are built up in seeds from the energy of the sun and which direct all growth forces. Pseudo oils e.g. poly oils made to have a long shelf life disturb the healing process.
Cancer is a disease of the entire body. In therapy the entire life process must be given the possiblity to heal and to overcome the cancer disease.
The oil-protein diet that I have devloped is capable of breaking down and eliminating tumors and metastasis through the immune defence. To activate this process I also developed oils for external use – the ELDI oils. This was done as part of my inventive activity, to offer the electron systems of the fatty acids in flax oil, actively effective, in products that could be marketed. My inventive activity was recognized by 3 ministers and was awarded the confirmation economically valuable. This expressly includes the making the products Linomel flaxseed and the ELDI oils preservable in a natural manner that maintains the electron systems that activate the respiratory function of cells – and that also are active in forming hemoglobin for hemopoieses (blood formation).
This privilige which had legally effective impact also includes treating paitents, “pioneering new ways in cancer research”. This privilige clearly includes protection against those who are impacted by this inventive activity. Hostile growth inhibiting cancer therapies and edible fats which inhibit the respiratory function cause pain for the ill person. The ELDI oils (Electron Differentation oils) that I have produced cause the opposite. Pain institutes in the USA document: “What this woman accomplishes with her ELDI oils, none of us can accomplish using pain medication”. A university appointed me to their scientific advisory board as an honorable member.
The activities of those affected in the rigid conceptual structures against the new of the inventive activity, must now be tested very carefully and conscientiously.

People in need notice and feel where truth rules.